Film irani bomb yek asheghaneh | فیلم بمب یک عاشقانه

Film irani bomb yek asheghaneh | فیلم بمب یک عاشقانه

Film irani bomb yek asheghaneh فیلم بمب یک عاشقانه .story of the film passes through the 1960s and follows the adventure that is in love with the bunker while being bombed.

The story of the Download bomb yek asheghaneh in workhomeonlinemarketing is divided into 3 different sections. In the first section, the story of the relationship between Iraj and Mitra will be dealt with, and then on the margins of school and ultimately the romance that will be established in the shelter between two teenagers.

The most important feature of these three stories should be that they are connected in a distinct chain and make a logical conclusion from their connection and integrity. It seems that the Ma’adi treaty has such a goal and intends to reach the moral message of the contradiction between Iraj and Mitra’s newly formed love, which is being sheltered and under bombardment and destruction, but failed due to a defect in the narrative. To reach your goal.


بمب یک عاشقانه
بمب یک عاشقانه

Director: Peyman Maadi (پیمان معادی)

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Script: Peyman Maadi

Producer: Ehsan Rasoul and Peyman Maadi

Director of Photography: Mahmoud Clari

Cast :Maadi Treaty – Leila Hatami (لیلا حاتمی)- Siamak Ansari – Habib Rezaei

The story of the film passes through the 1960s and follows the adventure that is in love with the bunker while being bombed but …


Bobmb yek asheghaneh

Peyman Maadi: Born in 1349 in New York City, he began his career as a screenwriter in Iranian cinema. He was a screenwriter of commas and “craving”, and in 2008, for the first time, he appeared in front of the camera of Asghar Farhadi to play in the film “About Elly”, and then in the film “The Rare Separation of Simin “Who became a global figure. In recent years, Maadi has been featured in well-known Hollywood productions, including the X Ray Campus and the HBO network called The Night.

فیلم بمب یک عاشقانه
Film kamel bomb yek asheghaneh

Cinema “Bomb yek asheghaneh” movie:

Peyman Moadi is a young actor who has won international pride in international cinema and is an international actor for Iranian cinema. His first directing experience also began with “Snow on the Pines,” and now his second work, “Bomb, a Love”, came to the cinema to test his luck as director. But the second experience of director Maadi, despite the positive points that accompany it, also includes weaknesses.

بمب یک عاشقانه کامل

One of the problems is a cool relationship between Mitra and Iraj. A relationship that seems to have ended, but the audience finds out too late, and when it comes to the coldness of their relationship.

they are not so surprised that they have not been able to find the proper context in the minds of the audience to follow the story of this Make couples available. Changing the tone of the film at school, which is a black comedy and refers to the beliefs that were taught to teens during school time, also caused a few tears. Maadi intends to create a romantic yet critical critique of the atmosphere of the “bomb; a romance”, but because of the lack of proper control over the narrative of the story, the film has been weakened and stuttered at times.

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The scene design however has a lot to do with the full resemblance to the space of the sixties, but it has a weakness. In the outer sequences of our film, we are faced with elements that were related to the sixties (such as cassette tapes, cell phones, etc.), but the presence of such cases in front of the scene, without being related to the image and the occasion , Is a kind of extreme and mistaken portrayal of the sixties.

دانلود مستقیم فیلم بمب یک عشقانه

فیلم بمب یک عاشقانه
فیلم بمب یک عاشقانه

But the “فیلم بمب یک عاشقانه” also has some positive points, including the acclaimed filmmaker Mahmoud Clari. Filming, which is performed especially during the early minutes of the movie as “cracking”, creates beautiful visual effects for the viewer. It’s also worth mentioning the beautiful music of the film, which is made up of the famous musician Elleny Carindro, who had already heard his beautiful pieces for the famous films Theo Angolupoulos. The film’s music is prominent in that it takes seconds to go through a non-dialogue video, and it’s the only image and music that transmits your message to the audience.

A “bomb; a romantic” in the technical sections takes the grade, but in the narrative there are weaknesses that do not allow “Bomb yek asheghaneh “med as a successful work. Making a romance under bombing is beautiful, but this piece of art alone can not guarantee the success of a cinematic long film.” دانلود فیلم بمب یک عاشقانه رایگان“.The latest resonance effect is more than a technical problem, with a lack of detail in the script, and this is a time when the movie is more likely to be repeated in repetitions in sequences like school and lectures.

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