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Hashtag Film Irani 2018

Hashtag film which has been sold for nearly two months since its launch, has sold something close to three billion tomans, and it raises the question of why this film has gone beyond the boundaries of billions? Do Iranians who are concerned about Iran are looking for a way to escape this situation and spend money to watch a movie that does not have these days in the country?

Joubin and Naghmeh (Bahareh Rahnama and Niushha Zaighami) are two mothers who study their sixth grade children at a school. Both of these women have athletic sports and compete with each other as much as possible, and the story begins with taking pictures of the Spaniards who have not gone.

The second production of Rahim Improvement Far is in the form of comedy cinema, with its focus on the eyes and the mothers of two teens. Rahimifar, who had previously made “Iron Man” for teens, has now put his hand on this line, and has been promoting the Andimeshand Institute, which allegedly sponsored the film, in full length in a more propagandistic film. In fact, the film does not address a particular problem, as if it was just made to advertise the institution.

Film Irani jadid 2018

Film hashtagA movie that starts with the hashtag and the virtual world, but does not find a specific link in its charming name, and hashtags are forgotten at the very first time. The film is about the whole of the two low-literate and wealthy mothers.

What mothers who do not have the consciousness of social behavior will be in the minds of the child’s upbringing. The two women, called Zhang and Zhobin, struggle with each other from the beginning of the movie to the end and struggle with each other, and they constantly look and feel, even in the case of stroke and disregard for their husbands.

The film could have had a lot to say in the form of the joke that it had chosen, if instead of the wealthy mothers lacking in intelligence, they would go to the sons of these mothers and turn the stories around them, because the children in The film is due to their mothers, and their existence and absence are completely dependent on them.

 Bahareh Rahnama Actor

It would have been better if the film, in the subcategory of the institution in question, promoted rather than propagandizing the idea of ​​the institute instead of the direct and weird propaganda of the think tank and showing the genius and intelligence of the movie, which was totally exaggerated, unbelievable and despicable.

Showing a four-year-old girl who once left her mother’s hug and enthusiastically herself into one of the institutes of the institute shows a boy who is left alone by reading the book of the think-tank from his inherent dangers and the likes of this kind of propaganda It’s obvious that the film has been a big cataclysm in a movie, such as a cinematic one.

Even if, for example, the sole investor of this film is an think tank, one filmmaker should not sacrifice the whole subject, stories, characters and the entire work for the institution. Instead of producing a poorly-crafted film, it would have been better for the institution to make a good-quality advertisement to maintain its mission, because they said: “If you want to ruin something (or someone), it’s bad for him (he) Defend “and making a low-profile film for the promotion of an educational institution itself is a clear indication of this statement.

فیلم هشتگ

Niusha Zeighami Actor

Since the movie can not really be considered a story, and it’s more of an advertising aspect, it makes it harder to talk about it. The storyteller is a bug; full of exaggerated exaggeration and exaggerated magnifications. The showing of the eye and the femininity of the woman, in their own kind, rejects the audience. Showing a classy school where the children’s mothers appear with party dressing and modeling, and celebrations, does not attract the audience who has seen the reality of the community.

It’s no longer attractive to make this one. To create a comedy, a comedy needs more attention than the institution’s intrinsically intelligent designation, and if the filmmaker thinks this is a bad idea, this fool assumes the audience and in the entire ad movie Give her a sip, give her a lot of money, and spend time watching the movie.

The movie plays at the same level as the screenplay. Niusha Zeighami plays the most native mother who can be; tasteless, lucid and no matter how acting, with the twelve sixteen-year-old girls and little worry about being a mother. Bahareh Rahnama has his eternal role, a dominant woman in her husband, who has already played his role very well, and is, at the same time, both repetitive and non-new.

Hashtag film Director

Bijan Banafsheh, who has already had the role of Husband Tourish Khor, and has kept it here too. The teens are good but at least they have been able to reach out to the audience that our audience has low intelligence mothers.

The hashtag, the comedy film irani is our day, a weak and unobtrusive movie from the affluent community of society. In these turbulent days, in these troubled days that every generation and every single age of the community has thousands of tweets in its head, sleeves and pockets, it goes on screen, which still cares about the fact that the bigger mobile means more class.

In the case of hashtags, one can not say more than that, a film irani whose most important thing in the role of a man is the appearance of Nisha Zayghma, which still does not help the story of his story, and perhaps his best definition, with his name: Movie_bd



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