Film ashghalhaye dost dashtani 2013 | فیلم آشغال های دوست داشتنی

Film ashghalhaye dost dashtani 2013 | فیلم آشغال های دوست داشتنی

Film ashghalhaye dost dashtani 2013 | فیلم آشغال های دوست داشتنی

آشغال های دوست داشتنی Loving Junk is Mohsen Amiriyoosfi’s Director, Producer, Producer and Producer of the Year of 1391. The film “Lovely rubbish film 2013” about events after the 2009 election was not licensed by the Mahmoud Ahmadinejad government. The government of Hassan Rouhani also failed to get a license for the 30th Fajr Film Festival.

تیزر آشغالهای دوست داشتنی
فیلم آشغالهای دوست داشتنی

فیلم آشغال های دوست داشتنی سینمایی

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Until now, apart from the synopsis, there has not been a single line of the film دانلود آشغال های دوست داشتنی , but the news shows that the film is about the events of the 88th election. He has always had the supporters and opponents for himself. Two months ago, the film was screened for the selection panel, and despite its many contributors to the show, it was not possible to attend the Fajr Festival. Hearings suggest that the film’s ability to display a movie has been highlighted by the changes Yosufi made in the final version.

دانلود قانونی آشغالهای دوست داشتنی
فیلم آشغالهای دوست داشتنی

دانلود قانونی سریال ashghalhaye dost dashtani

According to unofficial news, the story of a lovely junk goes through the home of an old woman who lives with her middle-aged daughter (Sima). In one of the days after the election, which is the gathering of opposition dissidents and protesters in the streets of Tehran, some runaway assassins are taken to the old house by the security forces and are hiding there.

آشغالهای دوست داشتنی After leaving the house, they notice a sign on the door of the old woman’s house and, according to rumors of those days, they tell the old woman that they will probably come to her house in the coming days and go there, so they warn the old woman that if she is suspicious in her home It is problematic to leave it out of the house so that there is no problem and the new story starts from here.

سینمایی آشغالهای دوست داشتنی
فیلم آشغالهای دوست داشتنی

دانلود رایگان سینمایی فیلم آشغال های دوست داشتنی

There are three frames of three men on the old house’s room. The first man is the old man who was martyred in the Iran-Iraq war. The second photo frame belongs to his brother, who was a member of the Mojahedin organization who was executed during the events of the 1960s, and the third photo frame belongs to the old woman’s wife, who apparently was a follower of Mossadegh, which happens to him during the August 28 coup.

Iranian Film ashghalhaye dost dashtani

The story goes to the fictitious conversation of these three people with the old lady during the night that she thinks she will come to her tomorrow.

دانلود مستقیم فیلم ایرانی فیلم آشغال های دوست داشتنی


فیلم کامل آشغالهای دوست داشتنی
فیلم آشغالهای دوست داشتنی

Shirin Yazdanbakhsh, Habib Rezaei, Hadi Tehrani, Negar Javaherian, Akbar Abdi, Saber Cloud and Shahab Hosseini
Other factors:
Author: Mohsen Amiriyosofi, Director of Photography: Touraj Aslani, Editor: Mostafa Kharghakpush, Design and Composition of Sound: Mohammad Reza Delapak, Face Designer: Saeed Malekan, Sound Recorder: Mahmoud Sama Kabashi, Costume: Fariba Leader, Computer Special Effects: Prophecy Message, Music : Afshin Azizi.
دانلود سینمایی آشغالهای دوست داشتنی
فیلم آشغالهای دوست داشتنی

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In October 2014, the Cultural Commission of the Islamic Consultative Assembly, by sending a letter to the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, requested that the film be released and seven other films, titled “Films related to sedition”. According to Ahmed Salek: “Some films have been marginalized with the permission of script and production, but they are not in the best interests of the system when they are built”.

In January 1394, Shahab Hosseini, including the actors of the film, stated that “Mohammad Heidari’s position is the secretary of the Fifth Film سینمایی آشغالهای دوست داشتنی Festival” Fijir “in relation to the film” Lovable Rubbish “and the term” dilemma “referred to by the Ministry of Honor, Over the past few years, he has been in a pessimistic and black-eyed circle “and resigned from his position as the consultant of the festival due to the” lack of a fresh look and feel “at the Fajr Film Festival.