Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

US box office: “Fantastic beasts: the Green de Wald crimes” – a new leader

According to the results of the past weekend, the spin-off of Harry Potter – the film “Fantastic Beasts: The Greens of the Wald Crimes” became the leader.

Fantastic Beasts 2: The Crimes of Grindelwald

The “Fantastic Beasts” film series (dir. David Yates) takes the audience to the beginning of the 20th century, about sixty-five years before the birth of Harry Potter. In the center of the spin-off story is a young magician Newt Salamander (Eddie Redmaine). He carries with him a suitcase where magic creatures live. In the second part, the main character and his friends will have to fight against the evil and very powerful magician Green de Wald (Johnny Depp). Green de Wald dreams to enslave the entire magical world.In the beginning, the movie collected 62.2 million dollars. This result was worse than the first film – in 2016, it made $ 74.4 million in the first weekend. Overall its total amount is $ 234 million.

The main character is a superstar, a great expert on the villains Johnny Depp, and in the role of the young professor Dumbledore is Jude Law and Eddie Redmayne in the role of Newt Scamander.

The director is David Yates. Initially, they were going to make a film trilogy, but then they decided to make five films. The writers is the author of the Harry Potter novels Joan Rowling.

Do not expect anything new

Curiously, JK Rowling elegantly broke her own promise not to write books about Harry Potter anymore. As a screenwriter for the new film, Rowling bravely continued to monetize the wizard world invented by her.

Fantastic Beasts 2: The Crimes of Grindelwald

Yes, Harry is not listed among the “creatures”, but the familiar names and places reappear in the picture. And if in the first part of the history the references were very few, then in the continuation Rowling is not shy and even returns the audience to Hogwarts.

Those who missed the first part of the “beasts” will hardly be able to understand what is happening and empathize with the heroes. There are too many of them, and very little time is devoted to them. Moreover, there is no representation and disclosure of previously appeared characters.

So watch the first part, to understand what’s what. Otherwise, the quest to find one of the characters from the past of the film will cause melancholy and incomprehension.

Do expect an interesting plot

The story by itself is overloaded with characters and their skeletons in a closet. Unnecessary scenes, minimum of mystery, boring dialogues, lack of dynamics and any tension throughout the film make it frankly boring. Even the humor and  for some reason a few repeating jokes don’t help.

Fantastic Beasts 2: The Crimes of Grindelwald

Toward the end, the unfolding circus suddenly it starts to look like a dramatic Mexican series, the script of which is tied to the difficult relationships of relatives. Some will even die. Dramatically? Maybe. But still boring. The final twist saves the situation a little. But we didn’t come to the session for the last 10 minutes!



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