Facebook Live Video Stream – 10 Great Ways To Enhance Your Business

Facebook is a high-flying free social networking website. It authorizes registered clients to make profiles, transmit photographs and video, send messages and stay in contact with companions, family, and associates.

Facebook has presented another element for its clients, benefiting from the patterns of online video utilization and in-the-minute updates. It’s called Facebook Live.

What Is Facebook live Video Feature?


Facebook recently commenced Facebook Live video in an effort to promote video content in News Feed. This is a service that allows broadcasting live videos from mobile device direct to Facebook Newsfeed.

 It is a magnificent way for marketers to use the power of live video to impart their brand stories and build authentic, personal associations with fans and followers. 

Facebook Initially Introduced Live With Just Elite Class User Of Clients For Two Essential Reasons:

1. To control the demand for the bandwidth
2. To ideally set a higher standard for the videos streamed 

How To Use The New Facebook Live Feature


Facebook is going huge quickly into the world of live streaming. This feature got a huge boost. Big media companies and celebrities are dominating Facebook live at the moment.

Following Are The Steps To Use This Feature:

1. Go to Facebook profile and open status bar.
2. Click the live icon.
3. Give access to Facebook of your camera and microphone.
4. Press the continue button.
5. Choose privacy settings.
6. Write intimidating description
7. Set up camera view
8. Click “Go Live” button to start broadcasting
9. Interact with viewers
10. Click finish
11. Save video in your camera

10 Ways To Use Facebook Live Video For Business Marketing And Getting More Traffic

Facebook offers implausible prospects to amplify content circulation. Apart from the website quality if you do not have potential buyers, things definitely won’t workDriving traffic to the website is vital for online success

Following are 10 effective ways of gaining more traffic on Facebook.


1. Engaging Audience without huge Advertising Budget

Today, people are spending 3 times longer span on facebook live streaming then recorded advertisements. With your regular mobile, Laptop or any other device, you can generate huge engagement of your target market without spending a fortune on advertisements.

Once, you gain your target audience, you should consider investing in quality video and sound equipments and tools to enhance your product visibility, which can help keeping your viewers tuned in.


2. Provide “Behind-the-Scenes” Look at your Business

Facebook Live streaming is the best feature to give an insider look at your work and how the quality is maintained.

It’s like sharing your process and educating people on how cool your workplace and processing goes through Facebook Live infotainment video.  

It can also help you focus on multiple aspects of your business that can create interest of your target audience and finally converting them into potential buyers.


3. Event Promotion

Use Facebook Live as an event promotion tool. It’s the best way to announce your upcoming business events and create a hype for it.

Once the event is planned, you can create a post to let your target market know that you have a special announcement to make for them.

Gather all the interest of your fans through multiple curiosity-forming posts with an easy-to-remember URL on the Facebook Live video comments. To track your audience, use a Bitly tool.


4. Use Facebook Live video to get more exposure

Make a simple and short video that attracts more Facebook fans and click through. This way your video will be sold to viewers in few seconds. 

No need of fancy camera work.Keep video under a minute. Emphasize on the topic and its importance. Explain the reason of more clickthroughs


5. Ask and Answer F.A.Qs

Questions summon a response. Utilize questions to generate more click-through. Ask short, witty and trickery questions about customer experienceKeep questions short and easy. Make them relate to your business

Use of curiosity-invoking questions will get more click-throughs, sharing, and likings. 

We have been using Facebook as an add-on to your business marketing, now the Facebook Live broadcasting feature can actually help us interact directly with the customers.

You can use it to answer the questions about your product. It’s surely a great way to connect with your potential customers. 


6. Provide a Sneak Peak of Your Products

This is just another great way to tease your new products through Facebook Live. An engaging shoot of your upcoming products and services will not only help gain your target audiences’ attention but also provide a pre-booking enclosure as well as help you understand the success ratio before investing huge on any product.


7. Share How-to Content 

People want to enhance their lives and sense of community on Facebook and they do not want to hear just about your product. To enrich lives of the fans post tips related to that. Share How-to content more than just the product or service. Include questions asking your fans for tips. 


8. Create a Lineup

Before going Facebook Live, it’s good to create some enticing posts that people will want to click. To accomplish this create a little curiosity and some confusion. Create post related to your audience and promise them a solution to do something. Post blog or content link more than once. Use different image or call-to-action to make it feel fresh.


9. Use quote from your Website

In your post include a maneuvering quote to give your fans a taste of your businessSearch for a line in the article which will give a flavor of its contents. Make it personalize by adding in photos or quotes of a person.


10. Share others blog content

Sharing other people’s content is a good strategy to drive more traffic. Share content from industry leaders and your fans. An article which is relevant to market and business should be used. 

Tips and Tricks For Facebook Live Streaming

These tips and tricks are useful for the live stream on Facebook.



1. Build curiosity 

Announce fans ahead of time to build anticipation.

2. Call to subscribe

Ask fans to tap subscribe button for getting notifications next time you go live.

3. Write inductive descriptions

This will capture more of fan’s attention to help them understand about the broadcast. 

4. Call to fans and respond to their comments

Call fans by their names and reply to their questions.

5. Broadcast for longer period of times

Go live for at least 5 minutes. This will create more chances for fans to discover and share your video.

End Note

Facebook is developing live video platform to facilitate brands connect more deeply with fans and followers. Facebook live is an incredible opportunity to increase your fan, followers and display your knowledge. Add Facebook Live to marketing plan as soon as you have access to it to get higher reach.


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