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Eshghe Siah va sefid

Eshghe Siah va sefid Love final trailer released. Channel D screens, which stamp the days of the construction of the Black and White Love 32 episode of the screen adventure will punctuate the track. Here are the first images in the final part of Black and White Love!

Ibrahim Celikkol and Birce Akalay’ın starring Black and White Love, the first part of the final section came. Black and white as opposed to the story of the story of Asli and Ferhat Black and White Love ‘s final part of the trailer fragmented by the life of the life of Aslı’nın stamp.

Julius was suddenly involved in her life to take revenge on her aunt Aslı. Jülide, who killed Commissioner Cem in his bed, attempted to strike Aslı into the final blow to revenge his mother. Just like her mother’s suicide, she locks Aslı into the kitchen and leaves her with all kinds of poisoning. Jülide is too late for everything, even if he regrets what he did.

قسمت 67


قسمت 68

لینک دانلود قسمت 69 عشق سیاه و سفید به محض انتشار در همین پست قرار داده می شود

Eshghe siah va sefid published on Monday

Eshghe siah va sefidAfter confronting Cüneyt, Ferhat learns that Aslı is in great danger. For Ferhat who raises Aslı to the hospital, hard minutes start. Fer, waiting for the good news and news from his belly infants, begins to experience the regret of the harm she gave to him and his environment.
Black and White Love will be at Kanal D on Monday, May 28 at 20.00 with the final part of the excitement!

In the episode of Eshghe siah va sefid published on Monday (May 21st), Ferhat learned that his father was Namık Emirhan; in the face of this fact, he drew a new path. This great secret was a new test for the love of Aslı and Ferhat. While Ferhat would prefer to move away from everyone around him, including Aslı, Aslı did his best to keep Ferhat alone.

There was a very important fact about Yeter’s life, who thought that he had lost Ferhat forever.
The investigation of the disappearance of İdil by the police made Jülide upset. Together with Cüneyt, they set up plans for a new beginning. But before this new beginning, Jülide had an account with Aslı.

Hilal Altinbilek, the name of the magazine in recent days because of the frequent passage of name began to be among the names researched. Hilal Altınbilek, who appeared in the series ‘A Zamanlar Çukurova’, also appeared in a period Karagül series. So, who is Hilal Altınbilek and how old is she? Here are some details that are curious about the name.

Eshghe siah va sefid

Director Nuri Bilge Ceylan

Master Director Nuri Bilge Ceylan will be held at the 8th Malatya International Film Festival to be held on 9-15 November with the contributions of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, General Directorate of Cinema and Malatya Governorship by MALATYA Metropolitan Municipality. eshghe siah va sefid share his experiences with filmmakers.
Applications to MasterClass will be held on Monday, 12 November at 11.30 at the Malatya Film Platform, which will be attended by many important local and foreign names, as well as film production support, as well as various educational special programs. online.



Masterchef competition

Ferkhat does not know how to appreciate someone else’s life. For him to kill a man is like doing something ordinary. That such feelings, the man forgot for a long time. Very different views adheres to ASPA-she works in the clinic, where, on the contrary, brings people back to life. Once young people meet … Ferkhat urgently needs a doctor to examine one person. By force, he brings the Aspes to a country house, where she becomes a witness to the murder. The namık – Ferhat uncle gives nephew a task to eliminate the girl.

This moment becomes a turning point in the fate of young people. Ferkhat for the first time in his life can not execute a death sentence. eshghe siah va sefid He leaves the Aspes alive, but at the same time voiced her their conditions. According to these conditions, ASPA should radically reconsider its views on life. But the girl has her own plan. Now she is ready to do everything to this cruel, heartless man learned to truly love.

“Black and white love” is a beautiful story about what a woman is ready to do in order to tear out the heart of the person she loved from the fiery hell. Over the years, ASPA managed to save many lives. But the one she has to save now is on the thinnest edge…


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