Eshghe Siah va Sefid – Episode 32

Eshghe Siah va Sefid – Episode 32

ٍEshghe Siah va Sefid – Episodeh 32 is a story of a young man who lives in a difficult situation that does not believe in love, but faces an important test in the light of the casual presence of a woman in her life.
The overall story of black and white love, centered on the story of a doctor who forgets love and who has devoted his life to treating people.

A man seeking Farhad was injured and Farhad needs a doctor to stay alive.
And so he is introduced to a doctor named Assley who sacrifices herself for treating human beings. Two human beings who are as black and white as each other and who have nothing in common and do not have the possibility of being together.
Dr. Asley, who is trying to cure and save a person at the mansion, is witnessing something that should not be seen. He considers Farhad, an angel and a good person, to witness the murder of Farhad’s uncle.

And because of this, the survival of Assi is impossible and must be killed and ordered by the name of his murder.
Farhad had only one chance to survive when he wanted to kill Asley.
A condition that makes Asli and Farhad’s life change altogether.


Eshghe Siah va Sefid

Kamal is a young and poor mine engineer. He is struggling to get his day, along with his workers, deep underground. Perfection is poor, but it has a lot of pride. One day, a girl named Nijan is at risk from drowning. This way he gets to know him and his life changes. After a while with things happening to the brother of Nihān, Nijan is compelled to coerce and to save his brother he has to marry the emir who does not like him.
After these incidents. he is forced to leave Istanbul and elsewhere he works in a mine. When he returns to Istanbul, he seeks revenge for his own past love, which is married to Nihon, and the love affair between the two and his wife. Nihon brings a story and a beautiful story
The first season of the series ended in 2016 and is now broadcast from the Star Turkey.

ٍEshghe Siah va Sefid - Episodeh 32
ٍEshghe Siah va Sefid – Episodeh 32

Kamal is a mine engineer. He has a relatively poor family. He is a parent and a younger sister and a brother older than himself. Perfectly they are in love with one another and perfection and eagerness love each other.

they do not answer on the day of worship of nihannas. He goes to a village to work in a coal mine and returns after 5 years.


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