Eshghe Siah va Sefid – Episode 31

Eshghe Siah va Sefid – Episode 31

in Eshghe Siah va Sefid – Epsode 31 Ferhat needs a doctor to keep the man he goes after. For this reason, her path crosses with Asli, who has dedicated herself to healing people. He can never come side by side, black and white as opposed to two people. Asli sees something she shouldn’t see while trying to give life to a wounded man. The angel of goodness witnesses that Ferhat’s uncle Namık is actually a murderer. Now it is impossible for Asli to live. Death decree is signed by Namik. Ferhat gives him a chance to survive when he is going to kill Asli. On one condition değiştir On a condition that will change the life of Aslı. This ecek condition As will change the life of both Aslı and Ferhat.


The screenplay by Erkan Birgören and Banu Tekcan.

the director’s chair Altan Dönmez’in sitting, Lale Eren and Ayse Durmaz’ın produced the Channel D screens every Thursday.

evening the level of excitement to the summit of the audience of the Black and White Love series that welcomes the screen that welcomes the screen. Eshghe Siah va Sefid – Epsode 31 information has been reached. The Black White Love series, in which the wide audience watched pure attention by looking at each other and looking forward to each episode, couldn’t achieve the success they were targeting.

The decision was made to make the final for weeks because the goal was to increase in the rates but the gradual decline in the rates started. Eshghe Siah va Sefid – Epsode 31 This is why the final date of the Black White Love series, which was made clear the final date has been finalized.

Eshghe Siah va Sefid
Eshghe Siah va Sefid

Siyah Beyaz Aşk 31

eshghe siah va sefid farsi1 . the final final decision was made on the Black and White Love series in which Aslı and Ferhat duo. who are completely opposite characters, are treated as the subject matter without ever compromising their eternal love for each other.Eshghe Siah va Sefid – Epsode 31

Broadcasting life began to catch a big break.each section of the magazine followed in a breathless way Black and White Love screen to surprise the astonishment.

The level of excitement at the peak of the scenes in the  Love series of the final will be clarified. But when does the Black and White Love .

in Eshghe Siah va Sefid – Epsode 31 .

which has become a passion for the audience with its professional cast and robust script, when is it final. Birce Akalay and Ibrahim Celikkol’un (Ferhat) in the lead roles in the Black and White Love is doing the final.


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