In erkenci kus 18 bolum Sanem cannot confess that he is jealous. How could he tell Can yet? He takes out Can to get rid of the situation. They drink a lot. They decide. Sanem won’t interfere in Can’s private life. Can Sanem! There will be no words other than what their business requires. Is it possible? Nihat, groceries Cakal İhsan handing over the loan, the wholesaler wants to close the debt to Halil. He is shocked when he understood that Sanem pays the debt. An important customer will come to inspect the agency that week. With the help of Aylin de Emre, he falls into trouble of undermining control and grabbing the brand.

erkenci kus 18


Sanem, who falls into the pool at the party in the house of life, chooses the land until she wears her clothes from the dryer. Famous model Arzu Taş has been the face of a big brand. The agency that works with it will also have a kallavi customer. Arzu prefers to work with Fikr-i Harika but of course he has not taken into account the threat of Aylin. Sanem finds himself in a position he never expected. ERKENCI KUS 18 BOLUM Sanem, who is alone with Can, will experience things that will surprise him.



What will be the bad surprise waiting for Sanem in erkenci kus , who wants to live his birthday happily?on the other hand, Sanem, who has received all the documents for the partnership, gives Emre a short time to explain them to the man.However, Emre’s thoughts are very different. There are other plans for Emre SANEM. So What about Emre’s secret plan for SANEM?Sanem, who is not aware of these events, falls into the trap of Emre. and SANEM is desperate. so what will be the big game Emre made in sanme.Tab This Is The Last situation between SANEM and can more afzla cause to open.

Serçeler Özlem Tokaslan Berat Invincible Birand Tuncan Yaşar Ceren Taşçı Cihan Erkan Tunceli Kumral Anil Çelik Sibel Ali looting tuna Tunalı the new part of the erkenci kus is missing its breath. erkenci kus 18.what will happen in the new chapter?



Realizing that albatross is life, SANEM now believes that real life can be lived as a fairy tale. She’s flying with love.

Can leaves Polen’s birthday party fast and goes to Sanem.

Ceycey will meet Ayhan at the Opera exit. I wonder what the next step will be in their relationship with life coach?

Osman’s star is rising steadily; Osman, of course, is the main hero of the photo shoots of the organic beverage brand in the Opera… Setde Deren and Aylin’s war is going on, and Zebercet cannot stand still because of his jealousy.

Nizza (Marwa Bologor) There is so much time to fall in love with having to marry her sister Deniz.
To take the affair from her sister, she draws plans that go out of control with the emergence of an incident.
There’s no way that two sisters have any returns, it’s an incident that kills the viewer’s face on the television.

Turkish-style intersecting stories are you ready to experience? In Istanbul with a population of 40, 12 million, whose vision is constantly postponed due to a variety of setbacks, three people who do not know each other will go after a bag when they are trying to find a way.

Following strange events in the complex streets of Istanbul in the Dark few days of November, the film takes to the center of the three main characters, which an invisible force called Godwill and Sevda, is glued as a magnet.

Emre şahin, writer and director of the film, which was produced by FIDA film, 34 Productions, Emrah Yücel and Karga Seven

Every family is a tree

“Every family is a tree…” the Leaf dump, which starts with the slogan, is being adapted to today from the same class of Reşat Nuri Güntekin, one of the important names of Turkish literature. The work, which has been adapted to the film and the series, tells the distribution of individual members of a family based on familial values due to the dramatic events experienced…

5 retired Governor Ali Rıza Bey tries to keep his family together for the sake of values he believes throughout his life. He is the only person who can not be happy with the wrong choices about the people who will be together like his sister Leyla, Necla, and the family who can not be happy with the wrong choices about the people who will be together like his sister Leyla, Hayriye Hanım, Ali Riza Bey, who beat his knees with despair in the face


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