Will it be able to break the sharp lines of Sanemi’s honesty?

What can Sanem soften up in Can’s heart after he says, yalan Everything you ever knew about me is a lie? ” The strength of the bond between them is being tested.

Will the bribe Emre offer to tie up YRT Holding to the customer, will he save the agency from the material sinking or will he drown?

While the neighborhood is shaking with rumors about Sanem, what will be the attitude of Nihat and Mevkıbe?

Can you break the sharp lines of life, the honesty of Sanem? ”

Does the confession pardon our mistakes in the past?

Erkenci kus 16TH CENTURY AND 17.

Eerkenci kus 16.SON episode FEATURED. The early bird 17th episode … Published In the first fragment, the tension between Can and Sanem is growing, while Emre and Can are fighting. Meanwhile Aylin comes to the office with a red file in his hand.

What’s in that file? Why was Sanem so worried and surprised? Sanem, who sees what Emre and Aylin are talking about, what are they afraid of? Sleeping in his bed, Sanem wakes up, sees the whole family in his room, and starts seeing his mother frustrated and pissed off. Early Bird 16th part of the new chapter 2. Can and Emre interfere in front of the agents’ eyes. But nobody dares to separate them. Can and Sanem cannot resist each other. . You can’t tell me to go, you don’t want me to go.

Sanem says. Deren is trapped in Sanem’s jealousy network while calming down Can. Also, the eyes of Can and Sanem, who saved the life of Sanem, do not escape from Deren’s eyes.

Can seeing the engagement ring worn by Sanem in Aylin’s bag, is in shock and raises Sanem. Wedding anniversary of Nihatlerila Mevkıbe. Both of them are hidden behind each other, the other is looking for a sweet surprise. Ceycey’e have a surprise from his hometown … Aylin’le Deren’s war, the agency ends in the amusement park overflow.
Sanem finds herself in the arms of the man she loves, at the top of the wheelbarrow, with a surprise from Can kols. However, at the end of that night, Sanem and Can are also waiting for a bad surprise San Something Sanem never thought about gec

erkenci kus 16

Zebercet decides to ask for Sanem and convinces his mother. Ayhan tries to persuade Muzo, but he has no intention of understanding. First, it does an image work. Ayhan is also with him.


However, at the end of that night, Sanem and Can are waiting for a bad surprise bek Something he never thought would happen to Sanem sürpriz o

array as far as I’ve understood, the whole world still has a good fortune as if to keep the big holding girivermis and holding the most adorable children in the holding there is a story of a girl who will shake the boy. The target audience ministers are not children of 9-12 years of age, but still they are always being injected into the same story.

Look at the beautiful dressed, sapsik, sweet and clumsy girls even if you’re uneducated, you can enter the holding immediately, holding the boss can hang out, ultra-rich facilities, such as if you have the same at home, you can approach the “ultra cool” you can end this relationship with a wedding ceremony.

Adding to the following: or this lead girl danla bilic’e but I do not shoot the video player I’m not angry or angry, or very seriously, or seriously, Oscarlik actress
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