Erkenci kus 15 bolum Sanem has now taken the position of official trainee copywriter at his new agency. Erkenci kus in the last section Sanem’s great love confession after sailing to a new relationship Sanem Can’i their relationship to the shadow of Emre and Aylin, to terminate their relationship with the aim of separating Sanem’e Canal, but Sanem and Can, which can lead to the separation of these threats, their intense love With its effect, his eyes cannot see anything. In addition to all of this, Can will be held in the neighborhood and the script was shot by Sanem. But after the transfer of romantic scenes between the 90s-themed commercial Can and Sanem, the erkenci kus 15th episode trailer came together with the audience. Can and Sanem between the first and better love and love began to consolidate in the 15th episode of the Erkenci kus 15, Can and Sanem fun time together with the amusement park


Early Bird in the last section; There is advertising in the neighborhood, Sanem wrote the script, director Can. Mevkıbe and Nihat are preparing to serve their set meals in the garden of their home this time. Ceycey and Ayhan are not very hard to convince the neighborhood for the use of space, until the Jackal Ihsan emerges.

Whereas, he learned that the entire debt of the grocery was paid, how does Sanem explain this? Can Can and Sanem realize the imminent danger of Aylin as he tries to enjoy his associates? The passion of Can and Sanem can even burn the world, is it possible to stop them while they are now? ”

Erkenci kus 15.bolumde neler yasandi?

On the other hand, it adds a special taste to the series of events in the workplace of a modest family of girls, both in the neighborhood and in the workplace of their daughters. It is one of the other factors that makes the comic dialogues of the other employees watch the series with the happy snapshots of the father and his wife having a grocery store.

Sanem’s father, Nihat has a grocery store. Sanem who opened the grocery store instead of her father who had difficulty breathing very early every morning since her young age, is a natural, cheerful and bouncy girl whose opposite is her sister Lale. Sanem will start with a job in the series, after the work of his sister works in a women’s magazine.
What happened to my early bird 14th episode?

Star TV’s popular entertaining and enjoyable series this week in the neighborhood was the moving hours. Sanem the script, the director of the advertising of the shooting is done in the neighborhood.
Mevkibe and Nihat set to work in the garden of their own house. While preparing preparations for Mevkibe and Nihat, Ceycey and Ayhan were trying to persuade the mahal to use the venue. But the jackal Ihsan was not happy with this situation.

Sanem is in trouble! What will the heir to know that the entire debt of the grocery is paid?

Can and Sanem are very happy when they overcome all obstacles. Can love of San and Sanem realize the danger of Aylin approaching while full throttle continues?

The series of popular and popular bird watching will be the 15th episode of the early bird. Early bird 15th episode preview is published. Can and Sanem’s fun time at the amusement park 15th episode is eagerly awaited


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