Erkenci Kuş 13 Bölüm – Earlier Bird turkish series episode 13


Erkenci Kuş 13 Bölüm Earlier Bird turkish episode 13

Erkenci Kuş 13 , the last part of the audience came out. The sweet competition between Can and Sanem has caused a mess. Unable to digest Polen’s presence next to Can, Sanem succeeded in hitting Can by claiming that Levent was an Albatross. In the early bird new episode trailer, Can tries to convince Sanem that Levent is not Albatross.


Here is some information about the early part of the Erkenci Kuş and the new episode trailer
On the evening of Tuesday evening, the Erkenci Kuş series came together on 9th August with the audience. In the last episode of the popular series, starring Can Yaman and Demet Özdemir, exciting moments were displayed. What will happen in the new section of Early Bird?

Due to the holiday holiday last week, the new section is not published Early Bird Bird’s most anticipated 9th episode will be on display this week. In the new episode of the series, Sanem will experience a great shock. Here is a brief summary of the 9th episodes of Early Bird and the new chapter …

Erkenci Kuş 13 Bölüm
Erkenci Kuş 13 Bölüm

Calling Ayşe Kutlu’s screenplay, Çağrı Bayrak opened the door when she wanted to sing ği Don’t Go Erken. Sanem is in shock. What is his inde ex ’lover abroad doing in his house? While Sanem is curious about what Polen is, Polen is trying to figure out who Can be the woman she was attracted to …

While the preparations for the new store of Remide Hanim are in full swing, the team loses itself to Turkish coffee and fortune-telling. Emreors “Let’s take it slow.” Aylin, Idea-i Great stone’s work does not help to put back.

When Nihat and Muzo lost their shops to Mevkıbe and Aysun, they gave all their energies to the production of vegan meatballs in Osman’s town. Who’s gonna eat all the meatballs? What will he do when he thinks he has found the? Albatross San of Sanem? Sanem, Polen; Can also be jealous of the fake Albatros will be out of the blue, of course …

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