Erkenci Kuş 12 Bölüm – Earlier Bird turkish episode 12
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Erkenci Kuş 12 Bölüm – Earlier Bird turkish episode 12

Will Sanem and Can Aşkı Blocks Overcome?”Can, Sanem, on the beach,” Will we stay alone together? “Sanem’s inner sanity will go as well. Sanem is ready for everything with Can, but will he let that interfere with it?

Polen returns home with Emre’s car at the end of the set, and Can promises to gather him up. As his birthday is approaching, Polen’s great expectations will enter. Will she be making her a surprise party or will they celebrate?

Osman’s star shines on the sette he came for catering. Zebercet is jealous when new shoots come out, and he is picking up.

He wants to give his wife back to Nihat, but Nihat’s eye is in the advertising industry.

Sanem is determined this time, everyone who comes across will fight. Is this war a winner?

Erkenci Kuş 12 Bölüm - Earlier Bird turkish series episode 12
Erkenci Kuş 12 Bölüm

Sanem and Can love talk a lot!

Sanem spent a few hours in his father’s grocery store after spending all his days dreaming and working on the book, and he is very happy with his life. Until Taki tells her parents that if they do not find a proper job for them, they have to get married!

Sanem will have to work on your sister’s office. He is unaware that his great love embracing his dreams is waiting for him there, yet he is unknowingly a part of a trick established in Can and his company …

Could it be a love based on lies? What about Sanem? Could Can’a hate his heart?


Dizinin yeni böümünde Ayşe Akın sürprizi yaşandı.Emre’nin oyunları nedeniyle Can’ın kötü biri olduğunu düşünen Sanem’in şaşkın halleri ekran karşısındakileri güldürdü. İkilinin sık sık yakınlaştığı anlar ise nefeslerin tutulmasına sebep oldu.Şirket partisinde havuza düşen Sanem.kurulanmak için Emre’nin odasına girince olanlar oldu.Peki, Emre’nin odasında Can’a yakalanan Sanem, nasıl bir açıklama yapacak? İzleyiciler tarafından merakla bekleniyor.

The summer series is ranked in the top 3 of the 3 new series of rating charts.Among these is necessary to look at the ratings he get.which is the ordinary one he is on the day he is published to look at which gives more hope.

Iler Erkenci Kuş ıyla was released on Star TV on Tuesday evening.and it was a success to hit the winter series with a rating of over 7.Moreover, Colombia – leaving the UK quarter-final match behind.

The Love of the Angels durum started on Thursday at Show TV.Love of the Angels was the winner of the day in the entire audience, but the rating was just over 3.

Source : star tv


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