The End of This F***ing World Episode 1

If you are tiered of so called standard TV series this one is for you.

The End of This F***ing World TV series are based on a Charles Forsman’s graphic novel

James is a 17 year old teenager. He considers himself a psychopath as from his childhood he likes killing animals. Alyssa a rebellious girl with her own issues.

The original storyline

This TV show is something we were waiting for.  The characters are bored of their reality. They don’t accept the standard rules of the society. From one side James with his thoughts about murder is totally isolated of the society. And from the other side Alyssa who feels ignored by her mom and doesn’t fit in the perfect family picture. Both of them are tiered from their current situation. So when they meet, Alyssa proposes James to run away. That’s where their adventures begin.

So what makes this TV show so attractive? there is dozens of happy ending stories, where the characters easily find solutions for their problems. And in fact what we expect is a beautiful love story about two teenagers. But that’s not what’s going to happen here.  They will face many difficulties. And many times they will just be confused and lost. The other thing which makes it different is that it’s not to far from the reality. It’s a common in movies to see teenager making very reasonable decisions and acting mature. But not here. In this TV show the teenagers act like teenagers. Somehow lost somehow scared. .

The First Episode

In the first they main characters meet. And there is a favorable situation which makes them get together. Two different characters: the teenage angst Alyssa and James who’s looking for his next “big victim”.

The Music

This dark comedy has one of the best soundtracks. Another attractive thing of the series is the music. And it’s one of the best part of it. Not only you enjoy watching a the film, but also you hear  very nice music.  Here are the songs from thee first episodes.



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