Ege’nin Hamsisi – 11.Bolum Turkish Series

Ege’nin Hamsisi 11.Bolum

It changes in a way that we can’t reach the speed of life. In Ege’nin Hamsisi 11 everything is meaningless, and whatever it is, it disappears. Neither the songs nor the stories we tell are what we listen to. What makes the Aegean anchovy project important is that it is aware of this fact. Describes our naïve warm and beautiful story lost between the chaos and the rapid change of life. It is more important than ever to tell our story to people in the days of the great crises of the world.

Ege'nin Hamsisi 11
Ege’nin Hamsisi 11

The Aegean Project’s anchovy project once again unravels the differences of the identity of the ancient Anatolian geography. It brings the Aegean and Black Sea together with the issue of immigration, which is an important fact of our country. Ege’nin Hamsisi 11 The adventure that two different cultures will come together will bring the facts that the audience wants to see. The proximity of the Aegean and Black Sea people, which are thought to be far from each other, will confuse everyone. He will remind many of the concepts that we have forgotten, neighborhood, helpfulness and hospitality. Hot as an old Anatolian tale of the Aegean and the warmness of the anchor will touch the hearts of the audience.


Therefore, it will be very easy to reach the audience and touch both the heart and mind. On the other hand, the audience will embrace the project for being able to see their own story in the Aegean. This is a clear and uncontaminated story of the country, the Aegean anchor of the Aegean will have a strong bond with the audience. We believe that our people who will see their own story in the project will love the anchovy of Aegean.



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