Ege’nin Hamsisi – 10.Bolum | Turkish Series 2018

Ege’nin Hamsisi – 10.Bölüm

The Ege’nin Hamsisi – 10.Bölüm, humorous scenes, as well as the emotion-laden scenario of attention, the directory will sit on the top of the list in a short time will be looked at.

The two restaurants of the Black Sea and Egeli, which offer magnificent tastes of their region, will be marked by the summer season with the comic, emotional, entertaining events around the restaurant and the naive encounter of two different regional cultures.

Ege'nin Hamsisi - 10.Bölüm
Ege’nin Hamsisi – 10.Bölüm

After losing her husband, Sigacik Melahat opened his restaurant called sonra Artichoke Kalbi ve which is famous for Aegean cuisine dishes in order to raise his son Deniz and his daughter Derya. In a short time, both the town and the region has become a favorite of tourists. The new goal is to grow the business by holding the opposite shop. When his son Deniz returns from the military, his longing will end, he will grow the business and they will live happily.

Ege’nin Hamsisi Actress

While celebrating Deniz’s return from the military, Şevket and his daughter Zeynep organized a festival on the plateau of Rize. He will now live happily in Rize with his daughter, son and sister. Zeybek in the Aegean, while the sounds of horon rising in Rize; life upset Melahat and Şevket’s plans

İclal Aydın was born to a Kurdish father from a Circassian mother and mother. When he was one year old, they moved to Ankara. After elementary school, he studied at Elazığ Anatolian High School for a while. Upon the separation of his parents, he returned to Ankara. She spent her middle school and high school years and theater studies.

From the third grade onwards, he began to read and work on the one hand. In 1989, he was accepted into the Theater Department of the Language  kaza University. In the second grade, he left school and settled in Berlin. Six years in Germany was a professional theater. He participated in various social studies and courses.

A definite decision has left the theater in 1996 and returned to Turkey. In 1997, he switched to television. In 1997, when I was in the middle of Mirror, I was in the video. His Hot Hours series was very popular. In the daytime zone in MCI, he presented a program for women called “2 to 4”.


Best part of the film

He worked as a programmer for a while at Radio D, Radyo Cumhuriyet, Radyo Kent, BRT FM between 1998-2000. He played in several shows. In 1999, he was transferred to BRT with Hayat Güzeleldir. Ege’nin Hamsisi – 10.Bölüm for sure you can enjoy watching it. She created her first book by combining the diaries and texts she wrote for the Life is Beautiful program. In Star TV, Eda played the role of Eda in the Family series.


Ege’nin Hamsisi – 10.Bölüm has already a lot follower.


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