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Teen Lust is a 2014 Canadian comedy horror film directed by Blaine Thurier and written by Thurier and Jason Stone. The film had its world premiere on 10 September 2014 at the Toronto International Film Festival and stars Jesse Carere, Daryl Sabara and Annie Clark.

High school student Neil has vowed to remain celibate due to his religious beliefs, as his church, which includes his parents, wants him to be part of a religious ceremony that requires him to be a virgin. Neil is unaware that his church is actually a Satan-worshiping cult that is planning to sacrifice him to Satan in order to prevent 1000 years of peace on Earth. Once Neil becomes aware of this plan, he and his best friend Matt escape and make plans to find a woman to take Neil’s virginity and thus save him from certain death. Cult leader Sheldon sends cult members Collette and Brad after Matt and Neil so she can find and sacrifice Neil. Neil tries to lose his virginity to Denise, a girl he has a crush on, and frantically tells her about his situation. She does not believe him but notices how frightened he is and agrees to have sex with him, but the cult finds him and Denise distracts the cult while they escape.

Matt and Neil go to a party but Neil and Matt are confronted by two bullies. Neil defeats the bullies by performing a magic trick that puts an exploding firecracker in one of the bully’s pants. Neil is about to lose his virginity, but a drunk Matt is seduced by Collette and tells her about Neil’s plan to lose his virginity and the cult prepares to capture Matt, but they are once again distracted by Denise. Neil and Matt escape but Denise is kidnapped by the cult. Neil decides to have sex with a prostitute, but discovers she is a satanist and Matt and Neil are captured by the cult. The cult members decide to continue with the sacrifice since Neil has still not lost his virginity.

The cult imprison Matt and Neil and Matt reveals he is angry at Neil for basically considering him to be in a sidekick and Neil reveals he is angry at Matt and accuses him of making the night about him since Matt was the one who had sex, but the two reconcile. Neil’s parents say he is a failure, but Neil says they are the failure since they are willing to sacrifice their own son for a “Halloween costume”. Neil is about to be sacrificed when the building catches on fire (which Sheldon believes to be the face of Satan) and Denise, who has managed to infiltrate the cult, has sex with Neil while Matt keeps the cult members from interfering, taking Neil’s virginity and ruining the cult’s plan. In the end it is revealed Matt’s parents have become devout Christians and Neil and Denise are now dating.

The Hollywood Reporter panned Teen Lust, writing that it was “Uneven as a straightforward comedy and never pointed enough as a send-up of religion or sexuality.Joe Leydon of Variety also panned the film calling it a “conspicuously uninspired mix of teen-sex comedy and horror thriller tropes” but praised Cary Elwes’ acting. Fangoria was more positive in their review and gave the film two and a half out of four skulls, as they felt that the movie did have “a few big laughs and a great premise” and that “It might be a missed opportunity, but at least it’s not a blown one.” The film currently holds a 4.7/10 on IMDB


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