Download Ghonchehaye Zakhmi 273 غنچه های زخمی

Download Serial Ghonchehaye Zakhmi 273

Ghonchehaye Zakhmi 273
Download Serial Ghonchehaye Zakhmi 273


Eulwell lives in a small house with his mother, younger sister and stepfather.

Evil is always physically and emotionally raped by his stepfather.

When he transmits this to his mother, his mother did not believe him and gave him to an orphanage.

She initially struggles to stay with her mother and sister, and she is very upset and into the orphanage.

But gradually their roommates, which are 4 daughters of their age, depend on it.

and from now on, this affiliation will never be diminished.

The series depicts the story of five single girls away from the family and their controversy over the lives of adolescents.


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