دلدادگان 30 – Serial Deldadegan 30

دانلود سریال دلدادگان 30 – Serial Deldadegan 30

Deldadegan ٍEpisode 30 | دلدادگان قسمت 30

دلدادگان 30 Shahrokh Estakhri, born on October 14, 1359 in Tehran, is an actor of cinema and television.
He is married and the name of his wife is Sepideh Bassamipour.
The pool is married and has a girl named as a refugee who was born in August of 1392.
The announcement of the marriage of Shahrokh Basin to Ali Zia was announced in a radio program.
and Ali Zia congratulated Shahrokh Basin on this program.
The name of Shahrokh’s wife is Sepideh Bakhmipour, and in 2013 she got a girlfriend in the name of the refuge.

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سریال دلدادگان جدید 30
دلدادگان 30


In an interview in response to a question, is he upset because of the publication of your marriage statement by Ali Zia?

The pool replied: I loved Ali Zia from the time that she performed the “Young Choice”.

When this event happened and it was announced that Ali had announced in the program.

it was not a sad occasion for me to congratulate Ali because I was sad that I did not speak about the issue that happened in my personal life.

Perhaps it means that I do not want to post it to the media, or at least.

I would prefer to get it informed in the right place and myself.

My discomfort was just that and there was no problem between us and that problem was solved very soon.

دلدادگان قسمت 30

دلدادگان 30
دانلود مستقیم سریال دلدادگان 30

Shahrokh Estakhri Wake married in August 92, and then the owner of a girl called for refuge.

His wife, Sepehideh Bighipour, whose Shahrokh Basin said, was not interested in broadcasting his images with his wife.

I’ve had a lot of problems in my life, but I’m so tired of God. After childhood, I started thinking about becoming a stable man. My wife and I live in high tides, but when it comes to the baby, everything is different, Good and good stability.

سریال دلدادگان ۳۰

Serial Deldadegan 30
دانلود سریال دلدادگان قسمت 30

When you have a child or a new wife or family, you have to think that you need to have a steady job with fixed income and a life guarantee. All my thinking over the last four years was that I came to the conclusion. Collaboratively, I will begin to work with a gold dealer, which will reduce the amount of work.

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