Jolana (18) is an object of her stepfather’s desire. She is unable to cope, especially when her own mother turns a blind eye. Those events are heavily paid for when she finds herself working in a brothel. Her inability to cope raise a question: What is it she actually wants? Are her dreams of escaping really better than the reality she finds herself in?



The feature-length debut of the youngest Czech director Matěj Chlupáček tells the story of a teenage girl Jolana, who is the subject of the sexual desire of her stepfather. Problems in the family can not solve, lose the ability to communicate with their friends and increasingly fall into the closed world of their ideas. At home he can not play the happy family play, the world is sucking it out, he’s afraid, but he does not reject the submissive erotic games at the same time. The intolerance of the situation, and a number of dramatic circumstances, touched the main heroine up to the bourgeoisie, where its position is further exacerbated. But is the question what Jolana really wants? There is no escape to dreams better than the harsh surrounding reality …


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