Best method of making money with Google Adsense

What is Adsense ?

Adsense works by taking all the ads that are on Google and funneling them into a system, so when you’re an advertiser on Google and you show up on the Google search as ads by Google what happens is you have an option to choose a little check box, if you check that box it means that you are going to be on what’s known  as the content network.  network is a network of a bunch of sites like your sites and my sites and all the people on the internet who have web site who are using the Google Adsense program and the content network shows these ads on those site, so what happens  is you get a little code you put it on your site, Google runs ads from their database of content network advertisers and put them on your site and you get paid when people click, which is pretty cool .who would like to get paid just when people click on ads ? we all would. now this is a program that I’ve made hundreds of thousands of dollars with it is by no means my top income source or even my top 5 income source or even a top 10 income source but it is a  very good supplement to my income so what we first of all want to do is understand and how it works and the way it works is by putting a code on your site running  ad and when people click the ad you get a check in the mail or you get a amount. the amount is based on the search term, now you’ll notice that there are some search terms like funny tax write funny cat has no advertisers,  maybe there’s one advertiser but I doubt  there’s any others write. funny cats has very little advertisers which means the amount you’re going to get per click on the word funny cat is very little  however there are words like mortgage refinance that are very expensive. now if you get traffic for mortgage refinance you could get as much as $10 a click or more, which is cool .if funny cat is going to be like 3 cents a click ,if you’re lucky, oftentimes it’s less than that mortgages. it’s going to be like $10 a click or more very good right ? so obviously if we have traffic for mortgage we’re going to make more money we have traffic forecast not going to  make that much ,so it’s very  important to look at this because Google bases the amount you get on the content on your site and pulls it against the  advertisers and what they’re willing to pay ,now this is all done automatically through a code and what we want to do is want to take a look at three things that are going to increase the amount of revenue you make on Google  Adsense .


number one you have to get the people to click the ad and not against the Google Adsense rules to say hey  click these ads, we don’t want to do that right ? we want the people to naturally click the ad  so what we want to do is just put it in our content and make it look like content .make the title blue  and make the link glue that way people will click on them you always should  use text ads because text  ads nine times out of ten are going to out pull image ads . text ads are big we’re going to put text ad .


Multiplying traffic

the second way you are going to make more money on Google Adsense is going to be multiplying traffic ,you see those sites out there like funny cats or I have a cheeseburger or cat has a cheeseburger or whatever  ,and these sites make a lot of money but they also get a lot of traffic so if you don’t have a lot of traffic you’re not going to make a lot of money so the key is making as much as you can off each individual visitors and one of the ways to do that besides making the links and  everything  look like actual links is to multiply your traffic, what this means is you want to take someone and you want to get them to click multiple pages on your site the more pages they view,the more pages they visit, the more time they CVS, the more times they see the edge, the more chances you have to make money. there’s also very important factor and I want to show you how it works what happens is you’ll notice that if you go to the MSN homepage ,you go to MSN homepage what they do is they have lots of different little boxes .they have little boxes of content like teasers ,so they have a little picture of a guy looking, and he’ll say do you know top mortgage tips from Donald Trump ? or it might say you do you know credit card ripoff that your grandma doesn’t know about ? what they’re doing is they’re getting you to click their ad ,they’re getting you to click on the content that’s the same thing you want to do, now here’s the caveat the capture the thing that’s going to make you a lot of money.


On MSN people go to the MSN homepage to see and search for things ,they want to search for things maybe they want to look at news whatever or maybe it’s just their default search engine so they’re there and when they go to MSN homepage.they’re not that valuable because we haven’t gotten them to be interested in something yet now when they go and they click on linke the Donald Trump mortgage thing  ,they have expressed interest once they express t interests  that’s how you spell it .we’ll just call that interest once they express interest the value of the Kwik goes through the roof okay so all you  have to do is get people to express interest in other things that are worth more money if they click on the mortgage thing they’re going to your mortgage site and read some mortgage content hopefully click on the ads about mortgages .they’re going to go to the car insurance site and click on ads about car insurance or whatever ,now you can do this internally by leading them through your different pages, lead them through the pages ,they’re going to see more ads, they’re going to look at a lot of things, this is exactly what I did in the mortgage market where I went to a programmer and I bought one hundred and fifty dollars worth of mortgage calculators. I put them on my site, they came to the home page for the word mortgage calculator what cost me 30 cents per click or less okay so 30 cents of collect is what I was getting people to my site for now once they were on my site I had a list of mortgage calculator refinance calculator, how much can you afford loan to value all these different calculators the people wanted to learn because they were looking for mortgage calculators the average person visited 8 pages on my site so if I paid for 100 people to visit my site that would have been what would that be $30 $30 okay so I spend $30 getting in my site now this works with free traffic if you’re getting free traffic as well so $30 gets 100 people to my site now what I did is I did eight times, so those 800 or those hundred people now became 800 page views ,pretty cool out of those 800 page views then get the chalk out here I think we might have to get another Chuck out of those 800 views, we got maybe 10% or 20% or sometimes even 30% to click on Google Ads which is cool if 30% of the 800 people clicked the ad that’s like more click on the ads and visitors on my site which meant I made a lot of money .some days we were making as much as 1400 bucks at in profit right got to stress the point with the old chalk there 1,400 dollars in profit now this is the way it worked we gotta make it look like links. make it look like content the worst thing you could do is have a banner that looks like a banner because no one wants to click a banner if it looks like content  and it looks good and it’s a good ad boom they’re going to collect. the key is relevant it’s got to be relevant to multiply the traffic get those people to click more pages get them to engaging more things. the more time they spend on your site the more money you’re going to make and number three flip the click now what do I mean by flip the click well what I mean is you got to take whatever traffic you have and you got to assume that these people are interested in lots of other things . if they’re looking at cat stuff maybe you could get them to a site about pet  .if they’re looking at mortgage to refi  maybe you can get them to look at other different things about mortgages as well .


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