Best Female Footbal Player of All Time

Best Female Footbal Player of All Time

Best Female Footbal Player of All Time . And though the feminist agenda is blooming in the world, women’s football is still a sport that few people know little about. And it is in vain: there are enough strong players there, even if they earn several times less than their male colleagues. For reference: Martha, the highest paid football player in history, received $ 400,000 per season in 2012. While male players of this level are paid an average of $ 350,000 per week. And the hierarchy of clubs in women’s football has its own, and the Olympics is much more important for them than for men. About this-below.

Best Female Footbal Player - Abby Wombach
Best Female Footbal Player

Abby Wombach

Stopped playing in 2015, but not to mention it in this list — a crime. Two-time Olympic champion, the winner of the women’s world championship, a constant figure in the lists of the best players in history, coach and record holder: none of the women 184 goals in his career has not yet scored. And still-simply the most stylish lady football on our memory. Style Wambach at once spotted: Boxing perfectly stacked haircut-undercut, tuxedos, blazers bright blue (from electricians to ultramarine) color. Over the past five years, Abby Wombach has changed two wives — and in the case of the latter adopted three of her children from a previous relationship. And received a Barbie doll with his face.


Best Female Footbal Player - Alex Morgan
Best Female Footbal Player

Alex Morgan

Oddly enough, the ratings of the best women footballers (from now playing) is headed by the forward of the us national team-we are in the honorable first place imagined a native of Brazil or Portugal, but okay. And Morgan heads these ratings steadily — for the best football player of the world according to UEFA it nominated in 2012-m. the Olympic gold in the same year, the status of the world champion in 2015-as would tell in America, credentials speak for themselves. Morgan is famous for speed-and, by the way, admits that since childhood the coach trained her to run fast. And Yes, when she’s not training, she writes … children’s books. About girls football players. Also very successful: her works are on the list of bestsellers, according to the New York Times.


Best Female Footbal Player - Carli Lloyd
Best Female Footbal Player

Carli Lloyd

Do me a favor, do not be surprised at this percentage of Americans in our list (with men-players from the United States things are much sadder). Midfielder of the us national team, Lloyd twice in a row became the best in the world according to UEFA: in 2015 and 2016. Sports press describes Lloyd as a man, downright gushing ambitions (even in the state of jetlag, even after the flight from Bahrain to Manchester) and openly admits: Yes, she is competitive, Yes, wants to win at any cost, Yes, always was. And finally: judging by the words that are drops in an interview with the former coach of the U.S. national team, Lloyd is not so easy to work with.


Best Female Footbal Player - Lieke Martens
Best Female Footbal Player

Lieke Martens

The Dutch, playing not only for the national team, but also for Barcelona, looks completely harmless. If in March, Carly Lloyd or Abby Wombach you can immediately understand that on the field they will break you, then it is more difficult with Like. Looking at her photos not in shape, you might think that she does not score goals, and preaches healthy lifestyle, mindfulness, vegan cookies and other peace and love in social networks. That’s just, please, do not get fooled: the best football player of last year, according to UEFA, in instagram posts only himself on the field, with the ball in a variety of angles, as well as at times very modest selfies with friends on the team.


Best Female Footbal Player - Martha footbal player
Best Female Footbal Player


Not Martha Vieira da Silva, just Martha. Yes, as Edson Arantes do Nascimento — Pele just. Martha, the striker of the Brazilian national team, Pele himself called “Pele in a skirt” -and the generally accepted opinion says that the greatest woman of football is still just her. Five times in a row became the best player on the planet (think about what you did in your thirty-two years). Most of the young players, who are now considered “hopes” of German, Brazilian or English football, admit: as a child dreamed of being like it in March.



Differences between women and men

In recent years, the speed and power of women’s soccer have been added. The first women soccer teams in the world, such as Germany, America, Norway and Brazil, are so smart and accurate that they sometimes look like men’s football at first glance.

The number of women who play football is also rising. Still, women’s soccer achievement is still not about meeting everyone’s expectations. Many female football critics argue that women’s soccer still does not have a male soccer appeal and is somewhat tedious.

It should be said that women’s exercises are just like regular men’s exercises and their games follow the same rules. However, women’s soccer does not match the same performance as a male soccer player and does not attract the same number of spectators. Where should the cause be searched? Can this situation be changed?

Lower speed and power

A soccer player watching women’s football finds that women’s play is slower than men’s. Some female players believe that women compensate for these shortcomings with bettertactics.

Women’s football is believed to be more delicate and beautiful than men’s soccer

Women’s football is fundamentally slower than men’s soccer. Charles Hartman a defensive player from the FC Cologne Women’s team in Germany. but the ball in the women’s game is more on the playing field. According to him, the men’s play is cut off more often because of the routine errors and routine.



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