Why affiliate marketing is the best way to make money online

Affiliate marketing is becoming one of the most effective and accesible ways of making money online.
The affiliate marketer can choose one or more products of a merchandiser based on commission on sale or average payment…

Being affiliate marketer has a lots of benefits. so how the affiliate marketing really works. The affiliate marketer places an ad or link
in an marchent site where the ustomer clicks and makes a purchase, in this way the affiliae earns the commission from(ON) the sale.
There are thones of affiliate porgrams which are free to join and there is always the right product to choose depending on your website.
Because of it’s siplicity and exposure of earning, affiliate marketing is one of the most effective ways of earning money online. there

And because of this simplicity there is a lots of competition. To become a pro in this field, one must have all the necessry stuff.
But still there can be situation where affiliate marketer may fail in making sale.

So haw to become a good affiliate marketer? It’s not very easy.The first thing is to treat affiiate marketing as a buisness.
There are 5 key elements that should be followed to overpass the competiton and make good money:

1- Choose the best niche

The key to the success in affiliate marketing is to find the perfect niche. This is the most critical part of the affiliate marketing.
A nich is something you can be passionate about of …..
Try to simplify the following main tools for you to find a niche
Clicnbank Marketplace and Amazon.com Research.
For clicbak marketplace you should find products which have more then 30 gravity and commission from 20$ to 35$. The gravity score
means that haw many affiliates are selling the product in a certain period.
.For amazon you will need to find a product with at least 20 reviews. Usualy when people spend time to review the product are real.
So if a product has 20 reviews your earnings can estimate more than 20000 of that product have been purchased.


2. Do some keyword research

This is one of the things which seems hard for the beginners. But there are few ways to make it easier. Search the keywords with ”product name” and ”author name”, these types of keywords have more value than others.

How to get started:You can use a keyword analysis tool like ”Traffic Travis” to in depth analysis of keywords, seo, competition and building a large number of keyword lists. you can use basic forum research related to your niche and Google keyword tool for global monthly searches for specific keyword.

3. Dig up the traffic

You will not earn even a penny if you don’t get visitors in your site. This is the biggest mistake of affiliate marketers which they ignore and fail. Targeting a web traffic which will lead to salling depends on many factors in which PPC,  SEO, banner ads, Blogging, Forum Posting and Article Writing are top of all. When you know the right method and and you have a good preparation leads to success .


4.Use Landing Pages and Conversions.

The point is to get as high of a conversion rate as possible, the more people will get convinced to buy your product when they go to your landing page the more commissions you will earn. There are several types of landing pages; you can have a squeeze page to get email dresses, a product review page, and product authority site. No what kind of landing page you will choose, but always use clickable images, link, relevancy to your content and flying popovers to get more exposure of your landing page.

5.Do Email Marketing

The most basic and important part is email marketing and list building. This is the most powerful ting to have someone’s email and to be able to contact them and ask to check an fibrillate offer. Well know email lists operating systems are Awber, Mail chimp and Get Respone.

6.Try Affiliate marketing

In this business you can reach from zero to 10k per month by following the strategy that you’ve made. Learning new tips, techniques and being open to the new things will help you to become a super affiliate and make money within a few days.


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