68 kill

Chip is an unpleasant sewer, located in a coffin and calling for his girlfriend, Lisa. Lisa has repeatedly abused her relationship with Chicago, but she is convinced that she loves her. One day, Lisa’s homeowner, Ken McKenzie, shows that she’s safe with $ 68,000. Lisa is dissatisfied with her life as a prostitute and is convinced that Chef stole $ 68,000 with her. The two were stolen in the House of Mecans, armed and masked. Chips’s mission is troubled when he sees Lisa killing Mckenzies, who has witnessed two thieves at home. At the time of the welcome, a young girl named Violet sees Chip on the Mckenzies body and escaped. Lisa throws Violet cold and intends to sell her to her brother Dwayne, who, presumably, will be tortured and killed by Violet. Disappointed with the plans of Lisa, Chip fights with Liza when she goes from Violet’s car. He grabs the bumper who sees it, then in Douenne, and throws money back. Liza reconfirms consciousness and chase after Chip, getting her to sleep. He tells him that he forgives him until he is with him, but then he loses consciousness on the edge of the road. Chip leaves there and goes on until he screams at Violet’s voice and remembers his hostage. When he goes to release, he is exposed to him and keeps the gun. In other ways, he decides to take the money with Violet to escape. Both are involved in the other as they connect to music and entertainment in the car. Police officers are throwing themselves on their journey, but Violet is able to talk about leaving the police inspector. Chip is impressed with its quick thinking and two further connections. They stop at a gas station, where the employee, Monica, sees that Chip stole $ 100 in a stolen envelope. He convinces him to spend more money to stay calm, but Violet takes steps and declines from Chip. Two of them spend the night at a nearby hotel, where Violet slams, explaining that he was with McCandy that night because Mckenzie had forced her to have sex with her. The two love at night is seemingly safe. In the morning, Chip wakes up to steal his weapon, money, and clothes. Frantic, he is crazy about himself, allowing his guards to surround Violet who allegedly stole his possessions. He discovered his corpse in the body of the bathroom, terrified. Chip is asking the hotel employee to use his phone to call Liza because he believes he is behind the murder of Violet. The worker tells Chip about a person in his room who is linking Chip with a gas station employee, Monica. Chip is irrelevant to a man, finds some lost and discovered clothes and steals his car. He goes to a gas station, where the worker tells Chip, where Monica is, and Chip no doubt gives his witch. When Chip arrives at home, it turned out to have been created because the employee was Monica’s friend. She is inside, where men keep her in the house with a rifle. Chip is trying to escape but is unconscious. Monica explains how and why she stole the Chip and sealed it for Violet’s death, though her plan had many mistakes. Monica’s team wins Chip, while they’re taking drugs with stolen money. Chip finally loses consciousness and has Violet’s vision that tells him to wake up. When she does, she finds that Liza is there, pointing to her face with a pistol. One of Monica’s and her witchers comes out of the bedroom and threatens Lisa. Suddenly Lisa’s brother (Douenne) enters the room and kills almost all of the monikers. Liza and her brother now oversee the situation, Dwayne orders monica’s two monitors (Monica and another woman) in a bedroom where she raped and killed one of them, leaving Monica alone the only survivor of her initial gang. Liza Chipi says everyone is forgiven as long as she is her dog. He refuses, grabs and kills him and then goes to bed in order to kill him. Monica thanked Chip for saving Dwayne’s “disgusting” and telling her he would do everything she wanted to do. She informs her that she wants to return to the dead Violet for life, then paint and kill her (for revenge, the murder of Monica first of all). The chip stages the stages to clean the house, and run away, as the police take them home. Alongside the road, Chip is scarcely carved into a car with a broken woman. She believes she chooses, but eventually leaves her, satisfied with her independence and money.


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