6 mistakes affiliate marketers must avoid while making money blogging

Nowadays , lot of people are getting attracted to affiliate marketing in an attempt to make money blogging , although it is true that affiliate money can be made even without blogs . Making money through affiliate business looks cheaper and easy in the beginning . However , it is not as easy or simple as it appears . It is said that 95 people out of 100 fail in making money blogging . It requires lot of devotion and sincerity to be succesful in affiliate marketing and money making online . There are broadly 6 reasons why people fail in affiliate marketing and money making blogging ..

1, No Patience: No doubt Patience is a Virtue . It also applies to making money blogging . It took many years for Tata’s to be a successful; it took years for Bill Gates and other big shots to be a success. In fact it is said that, most business takes at least 5years to start getting profits. You should treat your affiliate business as a real business . Super affiliates who earn $10,000 a month took years to get to that stage. You should research a program before signing to it . You have to Commit to stick it . Make use of guides and training . Always Update and maintain your website with fresh and unique contents.

2, Too Many Programs: Do not subscribe to too many programs in trying to make money blogging or otherwise . When the going gets tough, you should think positively . Subscribing to too many programs may not allow you to give attention and focus they require to make you money. I suggest two or three programs at the same time to ripen your hard work into cash.

3, Bad Choice Of Program: When it comes to affiliate programs, choose the ones that have a good commissions , and that pay their easily and on time. Choose affiliate products that suit your target audience. Choosing products that do not interest people means no money for you. If you should choose products that are “hot” you will be in a rat race with thousands of others who are promoting it . Choose a niche you KNOW i about!

4, Generalized Marketing: Better to Focus tiny niche in order to make money blogging , the tinier and narrower niche is better. Try to improving on a singular key aspect of business at one time. Putting your hard efforts in these ways will help you achieve your affiliate goals. Allure people to join your list. Then be in touch with them by sending valuable info.

5, Organic Traffic Only: Another mistake is the idea of only organic traffic. This Organic traffic is a myth. There is no such thing like Organic traffic that is created by the website in a natural way . You have to reach people if you want to expand your business . Relying on Organic traffic is like sitting at home waiting for customers .

6, Link Cloaking : Cloaking your affiliate link is crucial these days. Most affiliate marketers still make their links visible. The truth is that internet users have become more shrewd and the real truth is that most web users do not click on an affiliate link . You’ve got to know how to conceal your affiliate links to make sure click through’s. These things you must consider while making money blogging


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