6 Genuine Reasons Why Blogging Is Better Than Our Daily Life Jobs 2018?

There are genuine reasons why blogging is better than our daily life jobs but it is a very tough decision to quit your regular jobs and start the career as a full-time blogger. I am telling you this because in the real case the very little percentage of blogger become successful in this career. Blogging is all about your passion and your patients. Because every new blog takes the time to earn money.  If you are confident enough and find blogging is your passion then this job is for you.

I am not a full-time blogger, I just do it, because I love it. In my blog, I shared everything new whatever I learned and think that will be helpful for others. In this article today I will share 6 genuine reasons why blogging is better than our traditional jobs.

6 Genuine reasons why blogging is better than our traditional jobs:

#1 Be your own boss:

I choose this point because your blog is your own space on the internet. No one cannot order you to do anything. Here you can do whatever you want. You can publish whatever you want. But in traditional jobs you have to follow your boss, there is no independence. If you want to build your own brand and you want to control your own brand then blogging is the best platform promote your business according to my knowledge.

Today if you search any online successful business there you will find the blog of that particular business. Blogging helps you to promot your product without any cost.

#2 Earn money how much you want:

Earning good passive income sometimes becomes the genuine reasons why blogging is better than any other jobs. If you want to quit your current jobs and want to do blogging full time then your first priority would be earning money from blogging. Maybe it will take some time initially to earn money from your blog. But when your blog will get exposer then you will earn enough money to live your life.

If you search on the internet then you will find many bloggers they are earning enough to live their life.

In traditional jobs, there is a limit to earn money. If you need extra money will not get that money. But in blogging you can earn lots of money, just you need traffic and for that, your website should be search engine optimized.

Here may read this: Why search engine optimization is needed to run a successful business.

There is a bunch of strategies you can apply to your blog to earn money. Here I will mention some most popular method to earn money from the blog.

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Google AdSense
  • Sell your eBook
  • Make paid course

#3 Blogging always interesting:

The most problem we face in our traditional jobs is that we get bored after doing same works years after years. Interest help us to do a job more efficiently and interest helps to produce the best product. If you are not interested in your job then probably you will find difficult to continue your job.

In the other hand, every blogger has their own genuine reasons why blogging is better than regular jobs. Blogging is really a more interesting job rather than our traditional jobs. Here you share your knowledge to help others.

Every day you will find a chance to meet with new great peoples, you can interact with them via your blog. If your work is useful to others, then people will appreciate your work. The most interesting part is you can able to reach to the whole world through your blog while you are setting and doing a job somewhere from a small town.

#4 Blogging gives a platform to expand your knowledge:

I started blogging to share my knowledge. Maybe I know very little but whatever I know, want to share with the whole world. Blogging gives me that opportunity to share my knowledge.This is one solid genuine reasons why blogging is better.

It is not only sharing my own knowledge with others, you will find many blogging communities to help you if you face any kind of problem.It is like a family feelings.

Blogging is not only sharing your knowledge or earn money from online. Blogging helps you to build a good public relationship. It creates an opportunity to meet with different people from different part of the world.


#5 Flexibility:

6 Genuine Reason Why Blogging Is Better

Flexibility is the other genuine reasons why blogging is better than regular jobs. Comparing to blogging and traditional jobs blogging has more flexibility. In traditional jobs, you have to go to the office to accomplish your task. There is no other option to do that. But in the case of blogging you can do blogging anywhere from the world, all you just an internet connection. You can do blogging while you are on vacation which is outside from your country or you can do it while you are in the middle of your journey.

From the above situation, we can easily understand blogging is how much flexible than our traditional jobs. We can do work anywhere and also we can do work whenever we want. I think there is no other jobs is as flexible as blogging.

#6 SEO & SEM (Bonus):

This is the bonus point when you are doing blogging. SEO(Search Engine Optimization) and SEM(Search Engine Marketing) are the essential parts of blogging. It is the must have knowledge when you are doing blogging. Without SEO and SEM your blogs nothing means to anybody because they will not find you in the search engine.

A search engine helps us to grow our business. So without it we cannot do anything. If you are really interested in blogging then my suggestion is just goes through some basic knowledge about SEO and SEM. It is not a static process, it is changing with time. You can learn it while you are blogging. But basic knowledge can help you to boost your traffic.

This is another benefits of blogging, because if you are doing blogging then you have to learn SEO, SEM, Social media marketing, and Email marketing staff. If you think you are not earning enough from blogging then you will find a job related to SEO, SEM, and online marketing related job. They are paying handsome salary and you are interested in this job so it will be helpful for you.

I hope this 6 genuine reasons why blogging is better than our daily jobs keeps you motivated in blogging.


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