5 Easiest Way To Start A Blog Step By Step Guide For Beginners 2018

Creating own blog is not a tough job, in fact without having any coding knowledge you can start your own blog. Then you might have a question in your mind: how to start a blog?. Today we are going to talk about the easiest way to start a blog and make money. A lot of people want to get started but they are intimidated by the process the technology gets in the way for many folks. I want to show you literally step-by-step how we can start a blog together and make real money.

Five easiest way to start a blog:

#1 Own Domain Name: easiest way to start a blog

The first easiest way to start a blog, of course, is having your own domain name. You want to have your own .com name. They are very cheap to get, $10 to $15 dollars per year and is your own name. If you want to get in this space is very important that you start either branding yourself or branding your company. There’s no easiest way to start a blog without having your own .com name and also great quality content.

I would not consider even getting a blog unless you are willing to spend small bucks to get your own name. Brand yourself, establish yourself as they come to the person or the source. And all the way you can do that again, of course, is with good content and your own domain.

#2 Own Hosting(easiest way to start a blog):

Next thing you are going to need is hosting. Hosting is a storage facility or storage space. Basically, all the files that make up your website, the graphics, the images that take the videos, the words, the content all of that stuff have to sit somewhere the storage place. Own hosting is the easiest way to start a blog because you probably don’t want anybody to control your site over you.

Space so that when somebody types in your dot com(.com) name it routes them over to the storage space so they can see your website or the contents that make up your website. So in order to get a blog, you must have your own domain name and hosting.

Now there are some companies out there that will offer you a free website, blogging tools, free hosting. Stay away from it, you have no control over what goes on that website and if you decide you want to start for an advertising space on your site that sale to others you won’t be able to do it.

The only way you can do that of course with your own domain in your own hosting. It is very very cheap. I will provide some resources below that you can get some hosting from very cheap.

#3 Blogging Software:

The third thing you are going to need of blogging software. My number one choice is WordPress, a very powerful content management system used by millions of people all over the world. WordPress is the easiest way to start a blog for beginners. Even you don’t need any coding knowledge to install it. Most of the hosting provider provides an auto installer software like softaculous. This helps you to install WordPress on your hosting account by just one click.

It is excellent and so simple to use. Create your own username and password, once you install it onto your own hosting account you are literally logged into back in. You will be able to update pages and posts and video upload, pictures to the site. you have total control and that is important if you want to build the brand for yourself. You want to start blogging you want total control.

Perhaps, you don’t want these free website hosting providers or the free blogging to come down and shut you down. Because they don’t like the content that you are putting out.

Don’t let anybody else control that brand but yourself.

#4 Traffic/ Visitors:

The next thing you are going to need a traffic. If you want to make money you going to have to create the valuable content. And if you create quality content, you start to bring in traffic and visitors.

Now we are going to have to a jumpstart the traffic to bring into the site. Targeted traffic is not just any type of traffic. We want people coming to the site that looking for what you have.

In future I have a plan to write about the different strategies that are available for bringing the traffic and qualified visitors to the website, so keep in touch.

#5 Monetize:

Finally, the last thing that people want to know is how they can make money with their blog. Making money is not just the easiest way to start a blog, lot of factors working behind this. Although, a variety of ways and I mean advertising it is one way. You can sell ad space on your website, you can promote other affiliate products on your site.

The best thing to do in my opinion it is to creating valuable content. You are creating value for the people that come to your site. The best thing for you to do the package up your knowledge and experience in the form of an e-book. Or you may create a course through your website or blog and start selling it.

That is going to be the best way and again there is a bunch of monetization strategies out there. We will talk about that in a later article.

Here I discuss all top 5 easiest way to start a blog if I miss anything please let me know in the comment section.


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