10 Turkish TV Series Worth Watching

You can’t  imagine Turkey without TV shows. Love, passion, betrayal, intrigue and incredible plot twists, generously seasoned with seascapes and oriental flavor – all this makes Turkish soap operas unsurpassed in its genre.

Here are top 10 Turkish TV shows Watching, with which any evening will fly by:

10 Turkish TV Series Worth Watching1. “The Magnificent Century” (Muhteşem Yüzyıl)

The series, which especially doesn’t need representation. The fascinating love story of the Slavic slave Alexandra Anastasia Lisowska (Roksolana) and the imperious and merciless ruler of the Ottoman Empire Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent left no one indifferent. Despite many inaccuracies in the series.

the whole story is based on real historical events. In this series there is everything – love, betrayal, intrigue, rivalry, the struggle for power and for a place in the heart of the Sultan. Luxurious costumes complement the picture and elaborate decorations of the beautiful half of the harem to the last detail. “Magnificent age” was broadcast in more than 46 countries around the world. Interestingly, the creators of the series many times accused of depicting Sultan Suleiman a man dependent on women and alcohol.


2. “Forbidden Love” (Aşk-ı Memnu)

Perhaps one of the most beloved TV shows of all Turkish housewives, which broadcasts in repeatedly each year. “Forbidden Love” is a drama that makes you think about life values and the power of love.

Rich widower Adnan falls in love with young beautiful Beechter, who recently lost her father and blames her own mother for his death. Mother Beechter , has eyes on Adnan. But the daughter “steal” the groom away from under the mother’s nose and marries him. As a result Beechter settles in the house of Adnan, along with his children, servants and handsome nephew. This is where the fun begins. The big difference in age, which at first was not a problem, over time creates a huge distance between the couple separating them from each other. This series doesn’t let the viewer through to the very end.

3. “What is Fatmagul’s Fault” (Fatmagül’ün Suçu Ne?)

10 Turkish TV Series Worth WatchingA village girl Fatmagül dreams and hopes are crumbling in a flash. After taking her fiance to swimming, Fatmagül returns home, and on her way there are four young guys. Three of them are the sons of influential businessmen. The guys attack Fatmagül and rape her, and  in order to get off the water, they force the fourth friend, who does not have rich parents and connections, to marry a girl. Thus, the case closed, but Fatmagül can only obey. The girl lives under the same roof with the man who dishonored her. Incredible mental suffering, pain, shame, fear – all this has to endure Fatmagül.  Can she learn to believe in the best, leaving the whole nightmare behind? And does it promise a peaceful sleep to the rapists? I want to believe that this powerful series could help many girls to regain faith in themselves and in love.


4. “Love is in The Air” (Yer Gök Aşk)

A dramatic story telling about two sisters, absolutely different from each other, “like heaven and earth.” One of the sisters had just experienced a severe emotional trauma, lost her child, and with it the meaning of her whole life.

The second, on the contrary, is very purposeful and self-confident, not accustomed to give up and become disheartened. But what kind of Turkish drama does without a love triangle? On the way, the sisters meet a pretty widower with a child, and this is where certainly starts the most  interesting part. The sisters fall in love with one man, and now he has to make the choice. These oriental passions are intertwined with beautiful landscapes, as a result the series “Love is in The Air” exciting and memorable.


5. “Love and punishment” (Aşk ve Ceza)

At first glance, the theme of the series is banal – the bride finds her fiance in bed with another girl a few days before the wedding. Wanting revenge, she goes  into a casual relationship with a stranger. In the morning she runs away without even thinking about further meetings.

In addition to betrayal, other important questions are raised, for example, can love and hate exist side by side? Can real feelings arise where they were not expected at all? Will the heroes eventually find each other again, will they be able to step over traditions and public opinion? “Love and Punishment” is not only about hatred, but also about the ability to forgive.

6. “Kuzey Güney” (Kuzey Güney)

10 Turkish TV Series Worth Watching“Between heaven and earth,”is about two brothers. Lazy, stupid Kuzey hardly finished elementary school, he is selfish and constantly jealous of Brother Guney. Guney is very calm, restrained and smart. He studies at the university and works at the same time. The brothers can’t get along with each other. But Kuzei and Guney somehow manage to do it – they fell in love with one girl.

Whom prefers Jemre? Will the Kuzey be able to change for the better? Will the hardworking Guney find his happiness? The series gives a full range of emotions, because you can never say exactly who is bad and who is good, and the relationship between two brothers is not so straightforward … It’s worth watching, especially since the performers of the roles are Kyvanch brothers Tatlytug and Bugr Gülsa.

7. Asi (Asi)

The series are about true love, which is able to overcome any obstacles. Asi – the daughter of a poor farmer, who devoted his whole life to her. But things didn’t go well, and now Father Asi has to make every effort to retain possession and not go bankrupt.

Their life would have run its course, if not for the young rich handsome Demir, who returns from the city to his native village after many years. Love flashes between Asi and Demir, but they still don’t know how many difficulties they will overcome on the way to happiness.

Families are strongly opposed to this relationship, a real war is unfolding between modern Montecchi and Capuleti. What terrible secret binds these two families together, and can the love of Asi and Demir conquer the past for a happy future? You will find the answer by watching this exciting series.


8. “I Named her Feriha” (Adını Feriha Koydum)

10 Turkish TV Series Worth Watching

The story of the main character of the film, Ferihi, is another modern version of Cinderella. Feriha, the daughter of a servant in a wealthy house in Istanbul, had dreamed all her life to join the “high society”, and she grew up looking at it. The girl is smart and she manages to enter a prestigious university, unlike the owner’s daughter. At the University, Feriha meets the most popular guy, the dream of all the girls, Emir, and decides not to tell anyone about his background, posing as a rich student. But all the secret sooner or later becomes clear … Will two people from completely different social strata be able to find happiness? Popular actors Chagatai Ulusoy and Khazal Kai starred.

9. Tide (Medcezir)

10 Turkish TV Series Worth Watching

After the series “I called her Feriha”, the fans were eager to see the handsome Chagatai Ulusoy in the new role. Their dreams came true! “Tide” was filmed on the plot of the American TV series “Lonely Hearts”, but adapted to the Turkish reality. The series tella bout Yaman, a guy from a poor family, whom fate gave a chance to be among the wealthy willing to help him. There he meets Mira and, as usual, it becomes the beginning of great love. Breathtaking plot twists, sincere feelings, songs that immediately became hits – all this made the Tide one of the most popular TV shows. The performer of the role of Mira, (Serenai Sarykaya), has become a real style icon, young girls began to copy her hairstyles, outfits and jewelry. “Tide” – a very high-quality television series, won the love of the audience of all ages.

10. “Strawberry Smell ” (Çilek kokusu)

This series smells like summer, sea and strawberries. The main character, Asly, is an ordinary girl with an unusual dream. Asly hopes to become someday a famous pastry chef. But for the realization of the dream you need money, which the girl does not have. Soon, Asly meets a rich and handsome Burak.

but their first acquaintance does not follow the rules of the romantic genre. Heroes disperse, experiencing dislike towards each other. As you know, life is unpredictable, and they will meet again, this time on the board the plane flying to sunny Bodrum … What will these meetings lead to, and whether Asly’s cherished dream will come true, you will see the series Strawberry Smell



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