سریال غنچه های زخمی قسمت 293 – Ghonchehaye Zakhmi 293

سریال غنچه های زخمی قسمت 293 – Ghonchehaye Zakhmi 293

غنچه های زخمی قسمت 293 | Ghonchehaye Zakhmi Episode 293

سریال غنچه های زخمی قسمت 293 Do you know what a butterfly effect means? In fact the butterfly effect is a theory of chaos. But it is summarized in the famous example:. Flapping the wings of a butterfly in the Amazons can cause hurricanes in the US. A little action we do somewhere, a detail that we jumped, what kind of a thing we call my life, I think somehow the idea of something in one day at a time can turn our lives upside down. Like Burak.

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سریال غنچه های زخمی جدید 293
سریال غنچه های زخمی قسمت 293


Was Burak always this bad? I guess it was the first time. But it wasn’t on the show. I don’t know if they came to this stage planned. So that’s what they were thinking about Burak all along? Why did this happen at once? At first, it was just her rich baby. He was a little upset when he played for Cemre. How did this child become like this? Let’s think together. When he was angry with Defne bringing him into play, he nearly killed Cemre, then when he didn’t want to be at school, he pushed his friends under the truck. But the worst part of the job is that he thinks he’s right in all of them kadar To kill another human being and to be right.

غنچه های زخمی قسمت 293

سریال غنچه های زخمی قسمت 293
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Ertan’s dead. Burak is no doubt responsible for this. He’s probably gonna be tried for murder. Considering the age of life does not take life, but still a large part of his life will pass inside. (When you are a law student at the Seras) Why? Just because he ignored his friends Burak. Moreover, they were right to exclude. A young boy died for such a foolish reason. Who will tell his mother, what and how?

What excuse would a woman’s heart hurt her child? Life does not revolve around anyone. No one has a right to do this to anyone else. In fact, the screenwriters need to congratulate lazım I understand very well how small children come out of the madness, and how the juvenile breeding houses are filled with anger. And I can’t touch it. That nervous smile, which I didn’t miss because of Burak, made me crazy. If I could, I’d just let your mouth out. This proves that a very good act is exhibited. Congratulations to Burak Arslan Bur

سریال غنچه های زخمی ۲۹۳

سریال غنچه های زخمی قسمت 293
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Songül Song I like myself the most in this series, my favorite character Songül. I’m a bitter flower who is always strong enough to shake the girls for the sake of their brothers. You know, I’ve had a lot of rash last week, and you know it wasn’t the first hospital scene. But no doubt it was the most impressive. Once we saw Songül’s mother. We loved her as much as Emine Hanım at least. I You need to wake up, daughter.

البراعم الجرحى Ül Now it’s time to listen. The mother said n In the first sections there was a swimming scene in school. I think it was mentioned that Songul was from Black Sea. Selected music was very good in this understanding. In the last weeks, Apolas Lermi – I can say that this week before the letter, Karmete – Nayino and Ayşenur Kolivar get emotion e in particular, with Getma. He looked so beautiful on stage. The players are also getting used to the hospital scene. I really feel like the brothers are dying. Nevertheless, please take a break, our stomach has faded for how many weeks!

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