Serial Maryam 25 – سریال مریم 25 دوبله فارسی

Maryam ٍEpisode 25

مریم 25

Everyone in life is embarrassed, but she does not tell her that she is alive when she sees Selma happy for the first time. Mary decides to hide it as well as all the facts she hides. Yurdal continues to investigate who entered the house. It’s just a matter of learning Berk. Deeply learned the facts and put a gun on Berk’s forehead. Deep will also learn the facts. The battle is in trouble. Because Selma’s wife will kill Savas for not going to jail. Mary will tell the truth to the war.(مریم 25 دوبله فارسی)

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In the past chapter, Mary was destroyed by the fact that the War, the Smiley, and the Powerful lied to them for so long. The war said that everyone would come out of your life. When Mary’s friend is abducted by her husband, Mary can not find her and informs the Burcu. Berk, when the Yurdals were out, managed to enter the house. Yurdal and Tülin rescue Naz Berk when they come home and work. Nazsa gets angry at Berk.(مریم ترکی جدید)

مریم 25
دانلود مستقیم سریال مریم 25

Meryem 25. Bölüm Özeti

Although Yurdal later expressed doubt that someone had entered the house, Tülin recovered the situation. Oktay tells Mary to stay away from the war all the time. The war helps Mary to his friend. First, your friend’s son Ali’yi finds. However, she is wounded when she finds her husband who missed Mary’s friend. The man will take his son ali, too. Because Oktay had already called the man and told the future of the police. The guy is so planned and he can escape. They see Selma in the back as he flees in the van.(دانلود مریم ۲۵)
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