Serial Deldadegan 17 – سریال دلدادگان 17

دلدادگان 17 – Serial Deldadegan 17

Deldadegan ٍEpisode 17 | دلدادگان 17

دلدادگان 17 The series has been made in 3 chapters.
two seasons of which are in season and one season in the present.
the story of two families from the time of the pre-revolution to the present day.
The series is a family and social series.
and shows the story of the confrontation of the two families.
whose victims are the descendants of these families.
The guys in this serial are local and neighborhood life.
and the subject of addiction and economic corruption is one of the main themes of the series.

دانلود دلدادگان هفدهم

(قسمت 17 پخش در تاریخ 7 شهریور 1397)

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سریال دلدادگان جدید 17
دلدادگان 17

The story and the theme of the series Deldadegan 17

The series depicts the adventures of two families from the time of the pre-revolutionary to the present.
time in three seasons, two seasons and a season of the present time.
“Restless legs” is a family and social collection.
and it shows the story of the confrontation between the two families.
whose victims are the sons of those families.
People in this story of local life and neighborhoods have been.
together and have a debate on combating.
addiction and economic corruption as part of the storyline of the series.

دلدادگان قسمت 17

دلدادگان 17
دانلود مستقیم سریال دلدادگان 17

دانلود سریال دلدادگان قسمت 17

The latest work by Manouchehr Hadi (wife of Yekta Nasser) is the serial of Doddagh.

which began with the production of Iraj Mohammadi.

her portrayal of August 1996, and is scheduled to be broadcast on the third network of Sima.

سریال دلدادگان 17

The series will be played in 60 episodes of 40 minutes, and of course the previous name of the series.

which changed in the last minute.

The series will be of great interest to viewers due to the good story and screenplay.

سریال دلدادگان ۱۷

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